Positive News For Today: Another Losing Weight Breakthrough

Losing Weight BreakthroughGood news for those people who are spending numerous hours surfing the internet as a recent study shows that these individuals are capable of managing their weight loss problems. According to the study, by logging online, a person will be able to get rid of his excess weights and achieve his desired weight. This development will surely capture lots of attention especially in this world wherein weight loss is considered as one of the most common problems.

According to the study that is conducted by the University of Kansas Medical Center, resolving weight loss problems is much easier to do for those people who regularly surf the internet. “We are amazed to discover that the task of maintaining weight loss is much easier to accomplish in second life, which is the internet than in real life,” says one of the researchers.

The researchers were able to arrive at their conclusion by comparing results of the 20 obese and overweight people who have joined and embarked the 9 month weight loss program. The mentioned program requires its participants to focus on their weight loss for the first 3 months and will have to undergo weight maintenance on the succeeding six months. The participants are also divided into two groups according to some conditions.

The first group is composed of those people who have attended the sessions for the weekly in person weight loss consultation and have received some guidelines about the weight maintenance via Second life, which is virtual reality community. The other group is composed of those individuals who have received both weight maintenance and weight loss consultation on the mentioned virtual reality community.

According to the lead investigator of the study, Debra Sullivan, although the first group has experienced greater weight loss experience, it can be concluded that both groups have received positive weight loss development. “During the months of 4-9, both face-to-face and the Second life group are able to regained 13.6 of the weight loss,” explained Debra Sullivan.

Losing Weight Breakthrough 1However, despite the positive results of their study, it must be noted that there are also some shortcomings that need to be addressed. According to the Vice’s Motherboard, some of the shortcomings are the testing of a relatively small numbers of participants and the limitation on the search by using the one virtual reality community.

Moreover, the mentioned findings of the study are enough to help those people who are extremely frustrated with their weight loss. With the help of this study, more people will be interested on how surfing the net can help them lose and maintain their ideal weights.