Lacoste at Manhattan Fashion Week Fall 2013

It’s that time of the year again. The New York Fashion Week 2013 edition, featuring the hottest fall 2013 options is about to start. We’re dying to see what Lacoste is preparing for the cold season of 2013.

Continually focused on the bringing fun vibes to sporty options, Lacoste is definitely a label which managed to stay true to its original vision without losing any of its relevance in the process. On the contrary, we’d argue that the label’s modern vision has evolved constantly shaping fashionistas’ expectations in the process.

This definitely helps explain the multitude of New York Fashion Week hits Lacoste had over the years. For its most loyal fans, the Lacoste New York Fashion Week past shows were almost always a source of insight and inspiration. But the fresh, modern and sporty perspective Lacoste has gotten us used to didn’t stop at eye-catching outfits. The Lacoste Joy of Pink fragrance was a major hit as were the fall 2012 handbags. Both are fabulous examples of how the Lacoste vision has transformed over the years.

No matter how much we would try to predict the most likely direction Lacoste will adopt this year based on previous hits, the truth is that that it’s next to impossible. All we can do really, is to wait for the New York Fashion Week 2013 Lacoste show which is scheduled on February 9, at 10 AM at the Theatre venue.

As much as we look forward to seeing new Lacoste creations, until the upcoming show, the only way to quench our thirst for the label’s interesting aesthetic concepts is to check the label’s official website for the full list of the brand’s hottest offerings until further updates. Nonetheless, we’ll definitely keep you posed, so don’t forget to check back to see the latest hits of the label!

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